About us

INTEGRO Technologies is a fast growing system integrator, providing services in the area of development, complex implementation and support of specialized IT solutions along with software localization.

The company offers a wide range of complex solutions for implementation of large-scale projects in the field of transport sector, namely for airlines, airports and ground support services.

Creating IT
Integro Technologies - is the largest center for civil aviation sector digitalization
Its projects have been recognized with prestigious awards and prizes from the largest IT communities and associations
Company’s project teams are working for the largest customers within the transport industry
Our expertize has been awarded by certificates from the leading Russian and International software vendors
Services and Facilities
Generating integrated system complex
A considerable cost reduction on IT infrastructure, increased security level and data availability.
Generating single software environment
Generation of single company software environment to increase staff performance and reduce costs.
Implementing solutions
based on Big Data technology
Development and implementation of modern analysis tools and aggregating data using Big Data technology.
Developing Specialized Software
Development of specialized software and efficient functionality enhancement of existing IT-environment.
Optimization and Logistics Solutions
Development and implementation of brand new software solutions in order to increase performance of airports and ground support services.
Training and Technical Support
Training to use specialized software as well as providing 24/7 technical support to the customers.

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Integro Technologies JSC Office 612, Pollars Business Center, Derbenevskaya enbankment 11, Moscow, 115114
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