Software/hardware gateway for integration with the Self Baggage Drop Off (SBDO) systems

Integration of self-check-in kiosks and Self Вaggage Drop Off with the Airline’s systems.
    • Replacement of the current functionality based on direct queries from SBDO desks to the Sabre host for reducing the amount of personal data provided to the SBDO desks.
    • Extending the functionality of SBDO desks regarding the option to pay for excess baggage.
    • Passenger's self-check-in with an option to select the seat in the cabin and print out the boarding pass.
    • Self baggage drop off with printout of baggage tags.
    • Option to pay for excess baggage.
    • Automated checking the passenger’s eligibility for self check-in and self baggage drop-off based on the airline’s rules.

    • Reduced amount of personal data sent to the SBDO desk.
    • Unified SBDO solution.
    • Option to pay for excess baggage.