Platform to respond customer complaints

In 2017, a unique and unprecedented project in aviation industry was completed and launched for commercial use. It was called “Platform to respond to customer complaints” and was developed for Aeroflot PJSC. Integro Technologies company, part of RAMAX Group, suggested Aeroflot using BigData technology, providing consolidation of historical data, generation and constant self-learning models for intelligent classification of claims, searching for unobvious connections and similarities.

After a market analysis of solutions supporting BigData technology, Aeroflot PJSC experts found IBM BigInsights and IBM PureData to be the most powerful and flexible and respond to the need of an airline like no other.

Within the scope of the project some fundamental functions of the system were designed and implemented, which allowed for further flexibility and optimization of its algorithms.

  • Customer: Aeroflot PJSC
  • Implementer: Integro Technologies
  • Year: 2017-2018
Project Goals
A Unique Project

The first CRM project in world aviation, which made it possible to accumulate and then analyze global social network data.

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