INTEGRO Technologies is a system integrator that provides services on the development, implementation and support of IT solutions for airlines, airports, and ground services.

INTEGRO Technologies is a team of experts with proven experience in the integrated implementation and support of industrial and specialized software IT solutions. We train the customer’s staff, develop or localize software, and prepare system documentation.

Our activities include:

  • Implementation of advanced IT solutions from the digitalization leaders in the aviation industry: SAP, Sabre, Inform, Lufthansa Systems, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Celonis.
  • Creation and maintenance of Internet portals and mobile applications for airlines and airports.
  • Implementation of a platform for reputational risk management.
  • Implementation of a technology for boosting the sales conversion rate of tickets, goods and services.
  • Customization of marketing campaigns to increase passenger loyalty and quality of service.
  • Optimization of aircraft fleet repair and maintenance costs.
  • Efficient planning of the operation of airports and ground services.

Integro Technologies is a system integrator that provides services in development, comprehensive implementation, and support of specialized IT solutions.

The customers of our services include the major Russian companies in the transport industry: Aeroflot, Russian Railways, Rosavtodor; Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Sheremetyevo airports.

In 2020, INTEGRO Technologies passed international inspection procedures and got the TRACE certification. TRACE certification confirms that the company’s activities are based on adherence to the principles of information transparency and financial responsibility and comply with the national and international anti-corruption measures.