Automated control of flight operations, prompt management of work schedule, and management of the appointment of crew members

Control on the movement of flights and AC turnarounds. Normalized AC turnaround and compliance with the schedule in case of interruption and in emergency situations.
    • Building AC turnaround in a middle-range time frame;
    • Modification of schedules.
    • Development and execution of the daily flight plan (DFP).
    • Classification of delayed and altered flights.
    • Automated building of AC turnaround.
Account of a wide range of operational restrictions when building AC turnaround:
    • Procedures for fulfillment of maintenance forms and individual tasks.
    • Restrictions regarding MEL defects (destination, sector).
    • Special restrictions and requirements (permits for specific AC, crew skills).
    • Control over scheduled and actual movement of flights - MVT, ETA, TOBT, ASM messages.
    • Flexibly configured address policy.
    • Classification of delayed and postponed flights by departure and arrival.
    • Classification of modified flights (change of type, change of route, cancellation, etc.).
    • Automatic change of AC turnaround (by request) based on deviations and restrictions from Sabre MM.
    • Option to make several calculations for the same situation (based on the preferable approach to the problem resolution).
    • Reduced number of errors in fleet planning.
    • Reduced workload on the dispatcher and, as a result, increase in the number of flight or planning depth per operator.
    • Flexible options for integration with adjacent production systems.
    • Reduced time of decisions making in situations of time pressure.
    • Minimized losses in case of interruptions and in emergency situations.

Implementation and support of the set of software products of the SABRE AirCentre and SABRE AirVision production platforms.