Automated scheduling and allocation of cockpit and cabin crews with consideration for the effective period of crew member qualifications and ground activities

Optimized allocation of cockpit and cabin crews
Account of the effective periods of qualifications, vacations, and ground assignments of crew members.
    • Optimized development of flight chains.
    • Optimized development of schedules for cockpit and cabin crews.
    • Publication of crew member assignments.
    • Briefing regarding assignments and confirmation of assignments.
    • Application of requests for flights, days-off, and vacations.
    • Registration for the flight or reserve.
    • Passing checks for flight crew trainers.
    • Familiarization with documentation.
    • Development of flight chains for each fleet or the entire structural unit with consideration for the cost of crew residence in hotels, uplift of a crew member as a passenger, etc.
    • Option to introduce optimization rules of various severity levels.
    • Development of the schedule for a crew member with consideration for the assignment balance over the entire pool of crews, control of the effective period of crew member qualifications, control of the timely assignment of ground activities required for confirmation of the crew member’s current qualifications.
    • Personal accounts of cockpit and cabin crew members.
    • Registration of crew members for a flight or for reserve.
    • Sending pilots’ notes to various services of the airline.
    • Reduced time of planning of cockpit and cabin crews;
    • Optimized “coverage” of flight and crew members by the schedule.
    • Maintenance of balanced assignment to priority destinations and various AC types.
    • Enhanced awareness of crew members and, as a result, punctuality of arrival to the flight.

    • Implementation and support for the software facility of the SABRE AirCentre and SABRE AirVision production platforms;
    • Design, implementation, and development of the “Automated system for optimization of planning of vacations and training based on the data of the Sabre Crew Manager information system”.