Implementation of the platform for aggregating data from the booking and check-in systems with subsequent provision of centralized access to such data

Collection of data from the Sabre host system (booking of uplifts and check-in of passengers).
    • Aggregation of data from the host system in almost real-time mode.
    • Provision of centralized access to data for the airline’s production units.
    • Maintenance of rapid acquisition of information about the occurrence of events in the systems that process and store data.
    • Support of operations with related data from various sources in almost real time mode.
    • Support of the option for applying rules for processing events and data in almost real-time mode.
    • Support of the option to automate activities applicable to the events that occur in the system in almost real-time mode.
    • Support of the feasibility of automation of existing and future business processes.
    • Enhanced efficiency of processes performed by the airline that is the host owner.
Enables the automation of the airline’s online processes and extends the set of the services for informing passengers.
Implementation and support of Sabre Intelligence Exchange (Sabre IX), a production and analytical platform.