Automated calculation and management of flight plans

Planning of flights, execution of air navigation calculations, management of routes and paths, calculation of required amounts of fuel, provision of briefing packages to aircraft crews.
    • Automated flight planning.
    • Automated air navigation calculations.
    • Automated calculation of the amounts of fuel, water, etc. on aircraft board.
    • Production of briefing packages based on the data used in the system by the dispatcher’s request.
    • Planning of AC routes with consideration for various factors.
    • Air navigation calculations for AC with consideration for various factors.
    • Calculation of the amounts of fuel, water, and materials required on board of AC.
    • Adjustment of the AC route based on updated real-time information.
    • Printout of the briefing package for the crew.
    • Capacity to process information from various sources in a single interface.
    • Simplified version of air navigation calculations for the user.
    • Option to make decisions on the selection of AC routes based on the versions prompted by the system.
    • Automated generation of briefing packages for AC crews.
Implementation and support of the set of software products of the SABRE AirCentre and SABRE AirVision production platforms.