Automated handling of Customers’ requests obtained via various channels

Establishment of a center for prompt multichannel communication with customers.
    • Collection of customers’ requests from various channels.
    • Directing requests to responsible structural units.
    • Control of sending responses to the requests.
    • Control of accounting the results of rewards and penalties.
    • Enrichment of the customer’s profile with information.Deployment of the base of knowledge and responses to customers.
    • Automated procedure for control of responses to complaints.
    • Loading, monitoring, and analysis of the tone of publications in social networks in 24/7 mode in the Russian and foreign segment of Internet.
    • Development, routing, and processing of requests obtained via e-mail, one-stop service and mobile application, as well as requests pertaining to the subjects within the responsibility of airline’s  structural units.
    • Enrichment of a client's unique profile with feedback information obtained in personal communications and in automatic mode.
    • Automated forwarding of customers’ requests to responsible structural units (or a group of responsible structural units if a single unit cannot be determined) depending on the request subject.
    • Identification of the Customer’s request pertaining to the same issue/event but sent via different communication channels; combining such requests into a single event/request.
    • Control and account of awards and disciplinary records with respect to employees of responsible structural units based on the review of complaints and acknowledgment records, as well as account of corrective measures with subsequent reporting.
    • Enhanced loyalty of actual and potential customers owing to the development of communication channels.
    • Reduced time and improved quality of handling the requests received. 
Implementation and support of the Platform for handling Customers’ requests.