Automation of publishing and managing external software services

Safe management of API usage, setting different access levels to protect server information resources.
    • Improving the efficiency of execution of data exchange processes by reducing unproductive and redundant operations, optimizing information interaction between participants in PJSC Aeroflot's processes and automatic resolution of integration problems.
    • Management of all four aspects of the API lifecycle in local and cloud environments: creation, execution, management, and security.
    • Organizing a single entry point for all Aeroflot’s external services and applications and for controlling access to services from a single location
    • Operational control of external applications' access to the service, primary validation of requests from external systems in order to limit incorrect requests and thereby reduce the load on Aeroflot services, providing the ability to transform requests.

    • Providing information on request.
    • Handling information requests (merging, splitting, etc.).
    • Creation and loading of processing rules.
    • Ensuring the match between requests and responses by session ID.
    • Distribution of access rights to the interfaces of information systems.
    • Customer API lifecycle management.
    • Registration of applications developed for customers.
    • Publication of the online booking system’s interface.
    • Implementation of requests/responses logging for the interface using the Customer's transport system based on IBM MQ.
    • Publication of API interfaces of the Operational Data Warehouse System, authorization system, payment solution and other services.
    • Use of distributed access to interfaces.
    • Management of developer portals.
    • Development of interfaces and microservices (Node.js, Java).
    • Connecting the developed microservices to the Customer's data sources and Customer's API control and protection subsystem.

    • Capability of managing all four aspects of API lifecycle for local and cloud environments: creation, execution, management, and security.
    • Efficient automated mechanisms for managing external services.
    • Optimizing and increasing the efficiency of data exchange processes decreases the amount of resources required for their implementation and hence increases reliability and economic benefit. 
Development, implementation and support of a system for publishing and managing PJSC Aeroflot's external services based on IBM API Connect solution.