Implementation of Saber Intelligence Exchange (Saber IX) production analytical platform

  • Customer PJSC “Aeroflot”
  • Integro Technologies status Performer
  • Year 2015-2019
Integro Technologies has implemented Saber Intelligence Exchange (Saber IX) configurable analytical platform for PJSC Aeroflot in order to automate the customer relationship business processes and improve the quality of analysis, documentation and management of airline’s commercial data.

— Optimization of business processes of relationships with customers and airline employees.
— Improving the quality of analysis and documentation of operational and historical data of booking, payment, exchange, ticket refunds and other airline’s commercial data.
— Increasing the customer focus level by providing a personalized approach.

Sabre Intelligence Exchange (Sabre IX) is a configurable and scalable platform that can be integrated with all information systems in the airline’s IT landscape; it allows the company to efficiently control, systematize, and transfer commercial information as well as analyze sales indicators in real time.

— Preparing and sending information for online updating of data about the next flight on the passenger’s route and about the bonus program membership card in an external application.
— Generating and sending an initiating xml message to an external system, i.e., a corporate mobile application that allows the passenger to receive a Push notification after the end of a flight for estimating the quality of the service provided.
— Notifying passengers by email and SMS about the beginning of online check-in 24 hours before departure.
— Notifying passengers via email messages about the need to pay for the booking before the end of the booking deadline.
— Notifying passengers via SMS and Push notifications about the beginning of boarding and gate number changes.
— Aggregation and standardization of passenger contact information.
— Preparing and sending of information about a completed flight to CRM for further accrual of bonus points to a loyalty program participant.
— Generation and sending of information about events to passengers: booking, payment, exchange or refund of tickets, errors, etc.
— Control, automatic online notification and reporting about the group booking service.
— Control, automatic online notification and reporting about the use of discounted fares.
— Automatic search and cancellation of subsequent routing segments in the booking if the passenger was checked in for a flight but did not show up for boarding, in order to offer the unused seats for sale.
— Handling requests and checking the availability of special meals on flights.
— Checking the correct check-in of an unattended child.
— Aggregating data on passengers’ bookings and check-ins for subsequent transmission of information about transfer passengers, unattended children, commercial load, etc. to production and commercial information systems of PJSC «Aeroflot».
— Aggregation and transmission of data on bookings, tickets, and coupons to the IS of the Ministry of Transport in accordance with the communication regulations.

Based on the results of the project for the implementation of the Saber Intelligence Exchange configurable analytical platform for PJSC Aeroflot, in order to integrate the customer’s production systems and the widely used industry solutions, in 2019 Integro Technologies JSC created its own specialized integration software, INTEGRO BUS Connect, based on advanced technology of the IBM App Connect integration product family.