Sabre Center of Expertise

Sabre Center of Expertise provides services in terms of support, business consulting and technical analysis of software products of Sabre AirCentre and AirVision production platforms.

Major tasks solved by Sabre Production Platforms
  • Seasonal Schedule Planning
  • Operational Schedule Maintenance
  • Flight Plan Generation
  • Crew Management
  • Weight and Balance and Load Control
Sabre Key Products:
  • Sabre Schedule Manager Seasonal Flight Schedule Management
  • Sabre Movement Manager Schedule Management and real time flight tracking
  • Sabre Recovery Manager Ops Optimization and decision making support during Flight Operations Management
  • Sabre Flight Plan Manager Generation of flight plan taking into account all the necessary conditions and limitations
  • Sabre Crew Manager Planning of flight-deck and cabin crews
  • SabreSonic CSS Load Manager Aircraft load planning
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