INFORM Expertise Center

Inform Expertise Center provides customers with complex of services for analytics, implementation and technical support for Enterprise IT solutions in the field of aviation based on the Inform GroundStar software suite.

Inform GroundStar is an Enterprise platform developed by the Inform GmbH “Aviation” Department, allowing optimized distribution of air carrier’s resources in order to achieve maximum efficiency of business processes in terms of ground handling services. The platform comprises different modules covering all range of ground resources and being flexible, it can easily adopt to specific individual requirements of any customer’s system. Inform GroundStar has been successfully used by more than 150 airlines, airports and ground handling services companies around the globe and it has proved its efficiency.

Major tasks solved by the Inform GroundStar production platform:
  • Long-term resource and technical support planning
  • Shift planning, time management and staff number monitoring.
  • Operational real time airline resource planning
  • Optimization of task distribution and tracking of their performance
  • Reports generation and accumulation of historical data.
Inform Key Products:
  • GS Planning Resource and equipment long-term planning
  • GS Rostering, GS WorkforcePlus Planning, monitoring and optimization of staff working schedules
  • GS RealTime Operational real time resource management
  • GS AirportMap, GS GroundFleet Geolocation and ground handling technical resources monitoring
  • GS Line Maintenence Aircraft Line Maintenance management
  • GS HubControl Activities coordination in the base airport
  • GS AODB Airport Operational Data Base
  • GS BIS Reports generation and air carrier process analysis
The advantage of working with Integro Technologies company INFORM Center of Expertise:
  • Experience of implementation of large-scale IT solutions in leading Russian aviation enterprises
  • An optimal selection of program software for customer needs.
  • A dedicated local team of certified Russian speaking industry experts.
  • A direct support from vendor, guaranteeing minimal risk of missing deadlines and optimized costs for the project.
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