IBM Partner

The IBM Competence Center provides the development, implementation, support, IT consulting and technical analytics services based on software and hardware products manufactured by IBM. 

Integro Technologies is a longstanding IBM reseller partner authorized to supply over 150 groups of software and hardware products manufactured by the company. 

    • Implementation of Open API strategy; monetization of the organization’s services via an open API;
    • Integration with external enterprise’s partners;
    • Optimization of the planning of production activities;
    • Providing a unified standardized mechanism of communication between the customer’s information systems within the company and the systems of partner companies;
    • Ensuring the continuity of business processes based on the capability of centralized control and administration of data flows in the customer’s company;
    • Managing the entire API lifecycle for local and cloud environments, establishing a single entry point for all external services and customer applications, managing access to services from a single location;
    • Automation of decision making in all customer’s processes and applications via a single solution that unifies business events and business rules;
    • Improving the quality and flexibility of resource planning for the customer’s company.
    • Integration data bus based on the technology of the «IBM MQ / Message Broker / App Connect / Cloud Pak for Integration software» integration product line;
    • System for publishing and managing external services based on API Connect software technology and IBM Data power Pak;
    • Business rules management system based on IBM Operational Decision Manager software solution;
    • Planning optimization system based on IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio software technology.
    • Experience in implementing large-scale IT solutions at the leading Russian aviation enterprises;
    • Optimal selection of software products for solving customer problems;
    • A dedicated local team of certified Russian-speaking industry experts;
    • Direct support from the vendor which guarantees that the risk of missed deadlines is minimized and the project costs are optimized;
    • 10-year experience of using IBM solutions;
    • Over 40 implemented projects for business.